I’m an UI Designer specialized in app and web. Impassioned by digital and emotional design.


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Career &

2020 • Paris

Société Générale

Mobile & Interaction Designer

Mobile & interaction product design in the international bank studio

2019 • Paris


UI & System Designer

UI Designer • Design System conception & standardization • Desktop & Mobile website improvements • Guarantor of accessibility

2019 • Paris


Product & System Designer

• Design of the FairJungle Design System from the existing UI Library • Atomic Design definition of atoms and their nomenclatures, symbols, and behaviors of components • Creation of molecules, Mobile First and responsive templates • Application of the Design System to Patterns, link of symbols and styles to the existing app • Iterations with the design, product, and front team, to ultimately optimize productivity in product design and use, and the evolution of the solution


2019 • Paris


UI & System Designer

DA & UI Design :

• Harmonization of the UI of the Pixis platform, webapp for guidance counseling based on AI: • Optimization of the user journey: sizes, components, based on the Pixis original app

Atomic Design :

• Atomic design in order to standardize the interface, the following elements:
icons, tabs, buttons, graphics, ratings, chat, select, inputs, forms, fields, chips, tags, cards, header … • Implementation of layer styles and texts in the system

UX Design :

• Rework of the structure, UX/UI Design of the profile part

Icon Design & Illustration :

• Creation of the 21 icons of the galaxy and the menu, based on the Pixis charter


2019 • Paris


UI Designer consultant

UI Designer for mobile app & websites • Design System Specialist

2019 • Paris

Manuela Millienne

Art Direction • Product Design • Integration

• Direction of the design and ergonomics creation of the painter website • Logo design • WordPress integration

2019 • Paris


Product & Global Design

Art director / Logo & guidelines designer :

• Finbill logo creation • Graphic charter design • Icons creation • Typographies and colors set up • Guidelines & Brand identity

Product Designer :

• Product design • Data design • Design system • UX design • UI design • Responsive web design • Mobile first • Acceptance testing • Icon design

2019 • Paris


UI Design

UI Design rework of the webapp (hydration health solution) • Icon Design • Interaction Design •  B2B, for medical teams & nursing staff

2018 • Paris

Notre Cantine

Art Direction & Global Design

UX/UI design of the restaurant website • Logo design • Brand identity • Shooting • Digital activation

2018 • Paris • Bogotá

Shopmium solutions

UI Design

B2B inernational websites design

2018 • Paris


UX/UI Design

Creation of the lunch app • User experience reflexion and User interface design

2018 • Paris

Shopmium app

UI Design

Help center refund • for the User Happiness pole  • Direction of the webapp development

2018 • Rueil-Malmaison


Digital direction

Creation of the design and ergonomics of the events website • Logo design • Brand identity • interactive app design and prototyping • communications art direction

2018 • Paris


Art Direction & Global Design

Design and ergonomics creation of the art contests website • Logo design • Motion design

2017 • Paris


Art Direction & Global Design

Direction of the design and ergonomics creation of the sculptor website • Logo design • Maison & Object Paris expo stand design • print communication

2016 • 2017 • Garches


UX/UI Design

Direction of the design and ergonomics refund of Hospitals websites • WordPress realisations • events communications

2015 • Asnières-sur-Seines

Atelier Pascalie

Product Design

Brand identity for L’Oréal Paris • 3D conception for Maybelline • templates for The Body Shop