Product & Design system

For Fairjungle B2B travel app

Product & System Designer

• Design of the FairJungle Design System from the existing UI Library • Atomic Design definition of atoms and their nomenclatures, symbols, and behaviors of components • Creation of molecules, Mobile First and responsive templates • Application of the Design System to Patterns, link of symbols and styles to the existing app • Iterations with the design, product, and front team, to ultimately optimize productivity in product design and use, and the evolution of the solution

Today let me introduce to Fairjungle, a B2B travel app solution ✈️

They call me to be their product designer & design system maker 💎

To design trips has been a brand new experience for me, as i love travelling and use this kind of apps, switch to the other side was very stimulating 👩🏻‍💻

October – December 2019