Pixis x Fafiec

UI Design & Design System

For Pixis x Fafiec • guidance counseling app

DA & UI Design

• Harmonization of the UI of the Pixis platform, webapp for guidance counseling based on AI: • Optimization of the user journey: sizes, components, based on the Pixis original app

Atomic Design

• Atomic design in order to standardize the interface, the following elements:
icons, tabs, buttons, graphics, ratings, chat, select, inputs, forms, fields, chips, tags, cards, header … • Implementation of layer styles and texts in the system

Icon Design & Illustration

• Creation of the 21 icons of the galaxy and the menu, based on the Pixis charter

Pixis is an education webapp solution, which revolutionize the guidance counseling world 🌎

It advocates a more ethical and sustainable world by proposing the best jobs and sectors that suit the users 🎓

It was my first education project and they call me to create all the UI, the digital identity, the icons and illustrations of the app. i chose dark mode to convey more concentration to the students using this Fafiec app 👩🏻‍💻

December 2019 – January 2020